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S-Bag Classic Filter-Flo Synthetic Dust Bags (Pack of 5) – BAG355

Brand Name: Electruepart
Price today: GBP6.99


* Type: S-Bag Classic * Includes 5 x synthetic dust bags * 5 Layer filtration * 100% Recyclable * Up to 50% longer life cycle * 40% More efficient * Material: Synthetic * Collar Type: Card * Your vacuum cleaner features a removable S-Bag Classic Dust Bag that collects dirt and dust. It’s important to get the correct vacuum bag for your cleaner because the bag has to attach tightly to store dust and debris properly. If the bag is too big, it may not stay connected to the vacuum and if it’s too small it may rip or tear. Dust or dirt could get inside the vacuum and interfere with its functioning, if you don’t have the correct bag. Benefits of S-Bag Classic: º Optimum filtration : this bag filters up to 99% of all particles as small as 1 micron º Hygiene : special closing system in the cardboard makes it very hygienic to dispose of the bag º High Resistance : the bag will not burst under powerful suction and the paper will not be damaged when hard objects are vacuumed The Filter-Flo 5-layer Filtration dust bags have up to 50% longer usage life since the dust is absorbed into the fibres without blocking the pores, thus avoiding reduction in suction power. The Filter-Flo dust bag filters the air 40% more efficiently than a normal paper bag and helps you get rid of airborne particles such as, for example allergens and some bacteria. Ideal for people with allergies. These microfiber bags also have a greater resistance to the sharper objects which may be collected. Designed with 100% recyclable material, you can ensure you are doing your bit for the environment. The inner layer performs as the first filter, helping to prevent pores from getting blocked – and so helps the bag maintain its strength. The middle internal layer provides optimum filtration levels for dust – giving you a healthier home environment while improving the performance of your vacuum. The external layers offer a high level of tear resistance – helping to avoid the bag from splitting (and also helping to protect the internal layers). It also means that some items that would usually not be able to be vacuumed up can be. With the bag being able to be adjusted to fit the bag holder, it means that you only need to empty the bag when it is actually full. This helps reduce costs compared to standard paper bags, where they need to be replaced when half full to continue to get a good vacuuming performance. Please check the model fit list to ensure that this is the correct bag for your vacuum. Specification:

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