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TOMTOM GO Professional 6200 HGV 6″ Sat Nav – Full Europe Maps

Model: 10163780
Brand Name: TomTom
Price today: GBP349.00

Specifications: Lifetime maps & one year free speed camera updatesOne year traffic updates via smartphoneHands-free calling via BluetoothSend the destination to your device before you goReceive smartphone messages

Top features: – Professional features for large vehicles, like route planning by weight and load – Traffic updates help you get there faster – Lifetime speed camera updates keep you safe in unfamiliar parts of Europe – Hear text messages and take calls hands-freeProfessional features for large vehiclesThe TomTom GO Professional 6200 HGV 6″ Sat Nav has added features to make driving large vehicles easier, safer, and more efficient – it’s the ideal choice for professional drivers of motorhomes, trucks, vans, and more.You can add your vehicle dimensions, weight, cargo, or maximum speed and choose automatically populated routes that work the best. So, when you’re in unfamiliar parts of Europe, you won’t find yourself driving down dirt tracks or tight country roads that your vehicle isn’t suited to. Traffic updates Highly accurate traffic information means you can plan the best routes around heavy traffic. The GO 6200 connects to your phone and allows TomTom Traffic to deliver real-time updates so you’re caught out when you could take an alternative route.Lifetime speed camera updates The Go Professional gives you life-time update for all types of speed cameras, including mobile cameras that have been picked up by other users. Hear texts and take calls The TomTom Go 6200 speaker and microphone are designed for high quality hands-free calls in the car. Just connect your phone via Bluetooth to see who’s calling and hear text messages so you won’t have to look at your phone. It works with Siri and Google Now too – tap a button and talk away as you would on your phone.What are free Lifetime Maps? Sat nav devices or smartphone apps with free Lifetime Maps allow you to download full updates of your map every year – stay up-to-date with changes to road networks, addresses and points of interest, as well as new businesses, road changes and junction alterations. Updates are released at least four times a year and apply to the map that’s pre-installed on your sat nav or included with your smartphone app. Geographical coverage and features will still match the original. Updates are free of charge and provided for the useful life of the device (i.e. as long as the manufacturer supports it with software updates, services, content or accessories). _________________________________Please note: You get 1 year of TomTom Traffic and Speed Camera alerts included with this product.

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