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TOMTOM GO Basic 6″ Sat Nav – Full Europe

Model: 10180162
Brand Name: TomTom
Price today: GBP169.00

Specifications: Lifetime maps updatesLifetime traffic updates via smartphoneWiFi updatesSend the destination to your device before you goReceive smartphone messages

Top features:- Lifetime map updates keeps the sat nav’s route planning accurate – Connect to your smartphone while driving so you can receive traffic updates and text messages – MyDrive app lets you preplan your route – TomTom road trips show you the best roads to drive in Europe Lifetime map updatesMap updates are released seasonally, and updating the TomTom GO Basic 6″ Sat Nav is super easy – no computer required. Just connect up to your home WiFi, plug it in to charge, and it’ll update itself.With lifetime maps, the TomTom maps will always be up to date. You won’t have a new roundabout take you by surprise, and you’ll be taking advantage of new roads.Connect to your smartphoneConnect the TomTom GO Basic Sat Nav to your smartphone by Bluetooth, and you unlock a host of extra features. Real time traffic and speed camera updates are beamed to the TomTom GO Basic Sat Nav via your phone, so the route is updated to avoid traffic jams. You’ll also get a warning when approaching a fixed, mobile, or average speed camera, so you know to slow down a little if you find yourself going a little too quickly.Just because your phone is in your pocket doesn’t mean you should lose contact with the world. When your flatmate texts you to ask when you’ll be home, the TomTom GO Basic will offer to read it out to you as you drive. You can hear the text without taking your eyes off the road, and even tell the TomTom GO Basic to call them back if they need an immediate response.MyDrive appPlan your route before you get in the car. You can set up the start and end locations so that you know how long the journey will take, making it easier to plan your weekend getaway. For longer drives, you can add in scenic locations to the route, so you get to enjoy the view no matter where you’re going.TomTom road tripsExplore the greatest routes in the world, handpicked and preinstalled. For a fun afternoon’s drive or part of that weekend getaway, you can enjoy the best routes that Europe has to offer. The routes can be personalised too, so you can include your favourite stretch of road. Because you should always enjoy the ride, no matter where you go.What are free Lifetime Maps? You don’t want to be driving through the town centre when there’s a newly built bypass. Keep updated with changes to roads, junctions, addresses, and points of interest. With free Lifetime Maps you can download a full update of your maps at least four times a year. Updates are free of charge and provided for the useful life of the device (i.e. as long as the manufacturer supports it with software updates, services, content, or accessories). What is free Lifetime Traffic? Don’t get stuck in a jam. Find the best route to work, home, or ensure you get to your appointment on time with free Lifetime Traffic. It shows you exactly where the delay starts and ends so you can be confident you’re on the fastest route. ‘Lifetime’ means the period of time that the sat nav manufacturer continues to support your device with software updates, services, content, or accessories. The useful life of the smartphone app means the period of time that the manufacturer continues to support the app with updates.

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